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Local Japanese Government Considers ICO to Revitalize Region

A local Japanese government is considering a municipal initial coin offering (ICO) in order to raise funds to revitalize the region. It has partnered with private enterprises to begin research into how to launch the mooted ICO. Also read: Sberbank Apologizes for Buying Nearly All Graphics Cards on the Russian Market… Read more »

PlayKey Platform Declared Investment-Friendly by ICORating

ICORating, one of the leading blockchain startup rating agencies, has termed PlayKey’s decentralized cloud gaming platform as “Stable+” from the point of view of investing. In their report, ICORating representatives noted that PlayKey’s tokens are ideal for medium term investments, thanks to their healthy hype and low risk status. They… Read more »

ASTEROID Ltd. Launches ICO: DEMOCRATIZING SPACE – One BlockClaim® at a Time…

Bitcoin Press release: All indicators suggest that Asteroid Mining will become mainstream in the foreseeable future. Those individuals, companies and nation states that avail themselves of this inevitability will enjoy the significant projected financial rewards. November 10, 2017, Hong Kong — Asteroid, Ltd. (“Asteroid”) made international headlines today with the announcement of… Read more »

Remechain to Launch the World’s First Blockchain Platform for Scrap Metal Trading

Click here to view original web page at The platform will solve the issues of the current scrap metals market by offering a new trading platform that will help market participants save millions of dollars annually. Remechain has announced the development of the decentralized marketplace for fast and secure… Read more »

Tech Bureau, Looop, and Crypto Mining Japan partner in cryptocurrency mining venture and ICO

Japan’s Tech Bureau, a fintech and cryptocurrency solutions group company, today announced a partnership with Looop Inc, a renewable energy company, Crypto Mining Japan Inc., a cryptocurrency mining technology company, and Zaif, Tech Bureau’s cryptocurrency exchange. Separately, Looop and CMJ will utilize resources in the COMSA ecosystem for their ICOs. ​Tech… Read more »

Blockchain Company Creates Platform to Decentralize $100 Billion Gaming Market

Click here to view original web page at Adapting online gaming platform to blockchain technology is a development that is expanding the intrinsic essence of gaming, and increasing the potential revenue of gaming platforms. The True Value of Time In its actual sense, a huge part of the money… Read more »

Putin approves framework for ico, cryptocurrency regulation

ico, cryptocurrency regulation Russian president Vladimir Putin has individually prevalent a timeline for a framework in order to manage initial coin selections (ico) and cryptocurrency mining operations. Putin approves framework for ico, cryptocurrency regulation   Putin orders parliament to modify icos In accordance to official Kremlin files found out this… Read more »

Agriculture Getting an ICO Upgrade to Boost Production in Russia

Click here to view original web page at Many ICOs have cropped up to help small startups fund new and innovative ideas, however, a Russian-based agricultural company, Khokholskaya Agricultural Company, is looking to utilize the revolutionary Blockchain technology to help fund a much needed diary farm. Traditional funding from… Read more »

Chinese Exchanges Seek Second Chance in Japan and Other More Crypto-Friendly Countries

Following the crackdown by the Chinese government last month, bitcoin exchanges in China are looking to continue their businesses in cryptocurrency-friendly countries. Nineteen chinese companies are reportedly applying for a license to operate in Japan, while others are considering Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Also read: Japan’s GMO Plans to… Read more »