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Happy H2O’ween! HydroMiner Halloween PROMO: 20% Bonus Total

It’s Halloween and it’s all treats for HydroMiners…Only on 31st of October (local time of Vienna, Austria), if you contribute at least 11 Ether to the currently ongoing token sale, you will get an extra 5% bonus. To Claim the Bonus: Join the token sale at and contribute over… Read more »

HydroMiner Profitability – a Comparative Analysis

HydroMiner launched with a view to open up the business of cryptocurrency mining in an industry that is notorious for its prohibitively high barriers of entry. It isn’t the only company trying to democratize access. Other start-ups and existing enterprises are attempting to do the same, using various models of… Read more »

HydroMiner – Green Mining, Eco-friendly and profitable

Mining is require a lot of money, especially for the electricity cost plus the hardwares. For bitcoin home-scale mining in 2017 we believe is not profitable anymore. Even corporate-scale mining could jump to failure, determined by the 12,5 BTC block half-reward. And it will be halved again in 2020. So,… Read more »