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Startup opportunity: budding entrepreneurs should look at renewable energy for blockchain mining

People Also Read This marriage has to happen at some point. Ironically, although blockchain technology can be used to optimize the distribution of energy, blockchains themselves use a lot of electricity. And as they make it to mainstream industry use, scaling entails a proportionate growth in energy consumption. This conundrum… Read more »

Using virtual currencies in Vietnam will now land you a $9000 penalty

People Also Read No mention of mining and blockchain technology in its entirety, however. Vietnam is now officially a no-fly zone for virtual currencies: the State Bank of Vietnam has made it clear that supply, trade, or any activity involving cryptocurrencies are prohibited in the country. “Bitcoin virtual currency and… Read more »

Gold mining company decided​ to mine cryptocurrencies, and their shares skyrocketed by 633%

People Also Read Bitcoin holders are not the only ones celebrating today. The past few years, gold mining companies have been seen flocking into mining bitcoins. In fact, a lot of them have opened up cryptocurrency-dedicated arms to focus on mining, selling, storing, and even accepting bitcoins for gold. As… Read more »