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Blockchain Company Creates Platform to Decentralize $100 Billion Gaming Market

Click here to view original web page at Adapting online gaming platform to blockchain technology is a development that is expanding the intrinsic essence of gaming, and increasing the potential revenue of gaming platforms. The True Value of Time In its actual sense, a huge part of the money… Read more »

Agriculture Getting an ICO Upgrade to Boost Production in Russia

Click here to view original web page at Many ICOs have cropped up to help small startups fund new and innovative ideas, however, a Russian-based agricultural company, Khokholskaya Agricultural Company, is looking to utilize the revolutionary Blockchain technology to help fund a much needed diary farm. Traditional funding from… Read more »

Coinlancer Will Bring Balance to the Freelancer Force

Click here to view original web page at There is imbalance in the force of the freelancer world. In traditional systems, freelancers are often under unfair requirements for creation of content and the value of what they create. Employers, too, are under an unfair pressure that moves them out… Read more »