Monthly Archives: July 2016

Lisk Community is Rapidly Developing Tools and Services for the Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: Lisk, the blockchain application platform, has experienced a healthy growth of its community throughout these past few months. Community members have developed tools and services that enhance the Lisk experience. July 27, 2016 Aachen, Germany – The Lisk team is excited about the communities’ involvement with the… Read more »

Breakout Gaming, The BRK Cryptocurrency Based Gaming Services Adds New Board Members

Bitcoin Press Release: Breakout Gaming, the Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency gaming platform has announced the appointment of Board of Directors following the successful launch of its initial gaming properties. July 23, 2016 San Jose, Costa Rica – Following the successful launch of BreakoutPvP eSports and Breakout Poker platforms, the Breakout Group of… Read more »

Breakout Gaming Adds BreakoutPvP eSports Site to Its Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: Breakout Gaming has announced the launch of its BreakoutPvP eSports platform as part of its cryptocurrency based gaming ecosystem built around the world’s first ‘multicurrency’ Breakout Coin. July 19, 2016, San Jose, Costa Rica – Breakout Gaming has expanded its Breakout Coin (BRK) cryptocurrency distribution model by… Read more »

Ether.Camp Announces $50,000 Contest to Build the next Killer Blockchain-Based Application

Press Release: The popular Ethereum blockchain explorer and smart contract analysis tool <> invites developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to participate in their upcoming hackathon. July 19, 2016, Toronto, Canada — <> has announced the launch of its second annual hackathon. The popular Ethereum block explorer and smart contacts analysis tool… Read more »

Drachmae Travel Introduces Blockchain Travel Competition and Investment Tool for Globetrotters

Bitcoin Press Release: Drachmae Club announces the Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain competition for travelers where 10 winners will receive the membership to its exclusive DClub along with Drachmae Tokens. July 18, 2016 London, UK – Drachmae Travel Club, an exclusive blockchain travel portal is conducting a competition for travelers. The… Read more »

Record Breaking Player Wins a Massive 250 Bitcoin Payout

Bitcoin Press Release: A Bitcoin gambling high-roller placing huge bets while employing a unique gambling strategy on has won a record payout of 250 Bitcoin, the highest so far on the platform. July 15, 2016 London – The popular Bitcoin casino BetKing is happy to announce that one of… Read more »

Breakout Gaming Launches New ‘Player vs. Player’ Platform Following Its Cryptocurrency Crowdsale

Bitcoin Press Release: Breakout gaming, the first gaming platform to have its own ‘multicurrency’ has announced the addition of new game sites to expand its portfolio starting with a ‘Player vs. Player’ platform launching today, July 15. July 15, 2016 Costa Rica – Breakout Gaming, the online gaming entertainment company… Read more »

Cryptocurrency Powered dAPP and Smart Contract Provider the Expanse™ Project [EXP] Launches New Revolutionary Platform, Borderless.Tech™

Bitcoin Press Release: After experiencing massive growth and record high trading numbers on popular exchanges such as Poloniex. The Expanse Project, a blockchain based dAPP and smart contract provider, is now launching its revolutionary new decentralized governance service platform, Borderless.Tech July 14, 2016 WASHINGTON, NC. – The Expanse Project, released a proof of… Read more »

Changelly Adds Lisk to Its Instant Exchange Service

Bitcoin Press Release: The popular cryptocurrency exchange service Changelly has included Lisk to its supported cryptocurrencies. The brand new digital currency is now available to be traded instantly at the best rate. Changelly also implements Lisk in its exchange API and widgets that could be useful for businesses worldwide. July… Read more »

34 Bytes Announces New Bitcoin POS Terminal, Offers Merchants a Chance to Win a Free Fully Functioning Unit

Bitcoin Press Release: The new fully functional Bitcoin point-of-sale (POS) terminals by Los Angles based 34 Bytes, LLC has entered the beta testing phase. Merchants taking part in the beta launch will get to use the POS terminal for free. July 14, 2016 Los Angeles – The Bitcoin point-of-sale terminal by… Read more »