Monthly Archives: May 2014

New Cryptocurrency HYPER Offers 5% Monthly Interest, Market Stabilization Fund, Sponsors MMO Space Game Development And More. Mining Available For 8 More Days.

  New cryptocurrency HYPER features 5% monthly proof of stake interest for stakeholders, a HYPER Market Stabilization Fund, and is sponsoring the development of a space-based online strategy MMO: where players can earn HYPER by growing their own galactic empire. The HYPER wallet is custom built with a space galactic… Read more »

Bitcoin Accepted By Online Electronic Cigarette Outlet Ecigsoutlet – Up To 35% Discount Offered To Bitcoiners

Worldwide distributor of Ecigarettes Ecigsoutlet, descided to accept Bitcoin in early May with a 10% discount to all customers paying with Bitcoin until the end of June. The UK based online retailer is now expanding its offer with a multi-buy discount with savings of up to 35%. Electronic cigarettes are… Read more »

Devcoin News Service And Devcoin Auctions Launches – Bid On Bitcoin Miners, Netbooks And More For Pennies

The Devcoin project now boasts a monthly news update service and a brand new Devcoin Auctions service where users can bid on netbooks, Bitcoin miners and more; winning these prizes for pennies. There is also an ongoing writing competition with more than 500,000 Devcoins in prize money, while the forum… Read more »

Cryptocurrency DNotes’ Block Reward To Reduce By 90% As Co-founder Alan Yong Reveals His Vision

Illinois, USA. Responding to a number of developments in the cryptocurrency world, emerging currency DNotes will reduce its mining block reward from 250 to 25 DNotes beginning Monday, June 2, 2014. This will essentially reduce the new supply of DNotes by 90%. DNotes co-founder Alan Yong established personal computer company… Read more »

An Interview With Devcoin DVC Founder UnthinkingBit – Sponsoring Open Source Work Worldwide, 3D Printing, Space Travel And More

We caught up with Devcoin founder UnthinkingBit to learn the philosophy behind the Devcoin project, its mission to fund open source work worldwide, and his vision for a future where Devcoin funds 3D printer development, space travel and a cryptocommunity hackerspace. Why did you start the Devcoin project? To give… Read more »

Electronic Cigarette Retailer Ecigsoutlet Accepts Bitcoin With A 10% Discount To Bitcoin Customers

  UK based Ecigsoutlet has opened their doors to Bitcoin customers worldwide selling electronic cigarettes; an increasingly popular substitute to cigarettes and a device which provides nicotine to the user without the harmful smoke produced by cigarettes. To celebrate Ecigsoutlet will give a 10% discount to all customers paying with… Read more »

Future Capital Bitcoin Fund (FCBF) Launches $30m Bitcoin Fund

First dedicated Australian Bitcoin fund launched by seasoned digital investor group opens targeting global Bitcoin investments. May 5th, 2014 Melbourne, Australia: The Future Capital Bitcoin Fund (FCBF), an Australian headquartered investment firm, has launched a $USD30 million global investment fund investing in companies that are leveraging services based on Bitcoin… Read more »

Bitcoin Exchange “Hitbtc” Includes New Features Such As Comprehensive Demo Trading And A Virtual Challenge

With the release of the new Bitcoin exchange Hitbtc, following a $3M investment after two rounds of financing, the company launches and includes a bevy of new features to appeal to the needs of both experienced and novice Bitcoin traders. The Demo Trading option of Hitbtc is highly functional which… Read more »