Monthly Archives: March 2014

Industry Grade Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Solution For Exchange Operators Worldwide Announced by PFSOFT

  Trading technology leader PFSOFT, which has been offering industry grade exchange solutions since 2003, has announced the launch of the Protrader Bitcoin Exchange Solution: the world’s first end-to-end commercial exchange solution available for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and derivative trading. The innovative offering provides all the needed components to launch and… Read more »

Devcoin Enjoys Massive Community Growth And Launches Custom Coded DVC Forum

The development of a custom coded Devcoin forum and rapid growth in the community of Devcoiners mark Devcoin maturing to its next phase of adoption, and solidifying its already firm position as a cryptocurrency that is built to last. Devcoin sets itself apart from many other alternative cryptocurrencies with its… Read more »

Bitcoin Advertising And Micro-Financing Platform Offers a Bitcoin Advertising Network, CPC Ads, Financing For Bitcoin Startups And Much More aims to be the premier service to jumpstart Bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses worldwide. The innovative platform provides tools to help both crypto start-ups and established cryptocurrency businesses increase traffic and earnings, and access financing opportunities. The site offers a range of services for cryptocurrency start-ups including banner and… Read more »

Trade Litecoin Automatically With Premier Bitcoin Trading Bot Butter-Bot

Tradcom South America’s Butter-Bot Bitcoin trading robot which launched in early 2013 is now adding Litecoin support, and the company is currently developing a hosted version and alternative strategy modules. Subscribers can now apply automated bot trading to the Litecoin market. Butter-Bot currently supports Bitcoin trading on BitStamp and BTC-e… Read more »