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Bitcoin Startup Bitmarkers Disrupts $140 Billion Real World Casino Industry

From the time Bitcoin first gained traction with a passionate user base, many of its supporters have enjoyed using the digital currency for online gaming, with a number of online Bitcoin casinos building services to satisfy this emerging market. Bitcoin startup Bitmarkers is taking this concept one step further, bringing… Read more »

Innovative Revenue Sharing Bitcoin Directory CryptocoinD Launches

CryptocoinD is proud to announce its official release. The Bitcoin community is in need of a sustainable directory resource that remains current with the latest community developments; as a resource to both Bitcoin newcomers and veterans alike. One issue that Bitcoin directories face is one of motivation. The community has only weak incentives to update existing Bitcoin directories, with novel websites and mining pools causing records to quickly fall out of sync with the rapidly evolving Bitcoin ecosystem. CryptocoinD offers a unique solution. CryptocoinD is the first crowdsourced, revenue sharing directory that rewards site contributors for their time and effort. CryptocoinD features a Revenue Sharing System that pays each site contributor for their entry. When a user clicks on a directory link, they are directed to the listing through… Read more »

The Lifeboat Foundation Is Recruiting Members For Its Bitcoin and Digital Currency New Money Systems Board Which Already Has Over 100 Members

  The Lifeboat Foundation is looking to expand their New Money Systems Board as the larger the board, the more they can accomplish. For example, their Space Settlement Board needed to expand to above 250 members before they had the ability to get a proposal accepted by NASA. The Lifeboat Foundation is recruiting new… Read more »

New Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Bourse Launches in Europe Offering Revenue Shares to Investors

Bitcoin Bourse is a newly launched European peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading system which includes a secure escrow service; Bitcoin Bourse holds the Bitcoin until the successful transaction has occurred between the seller and the buyer. The Bitcoin trading platform currently has no trading fees for the buying and selling of Bitcoin. The service… Read more »

Recharge Your Mobile and Cell Phone in 100+ Countries With Bitcoin: Spend-a-Bit Launches Public Beta has been available for public beta since the end of September 2013; providing prepaid mobile recharging for Bitcoin in 100+ countries worldwide. The innovative Bitcoin service enables mobile phone credit to be recharged with Bitcoin with over 300 network providers around the world. It is very easy to use; a customer… Read more »

BitGive Foundation – Doing Good With Bitcoin – A Charitable Giving Organization of the Bitcoin Community

The BitGive Foundation, launched in July of this year, has been busy raising funds, increasing their exposure, and working to ‘do more good’ with Bitcoin. The BitGive Foundation is a charitable giving organization of the Bitcoin community, whose mission is to provide gifts to environmental and public health causes worldwide…. Read more »